Eclipse & Polygon Launch Polygon SVM

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Eclipse is excited to announce that we are collaborating with Polygon Labs to launch Polygon SVM: a customized rollup to bring Solana's Sealevel Virtual Machine to the Polygon ecosystem.


  • Eclipse is a customizable rollup provider allowing developers to “pick and choose” the best aspects of blockchain technology needed to create unique decentralized applications, without making technical trade-offs.
  • Polygon is a scaling solution that enables faster and more efficient transactions on the Ethereum network
  • Solana is a high-performance blockchain platform that allows developers to build fast and efficient decentralized applications.

At Eclipse, we understand that developers require flexibility, speed, and security without sacrificing interoperability. Our collaboration with Polygon Labs enables us to offer compatibility between the Polygon Avail base layer and all existing Solana tooling and smart contracts. With the Solana-equivalent Polygon SVM, any project built on Solana will be able to seamlessly leverage the power of Polygon's scaling solution. This unique approach serves as a prime example of "building your own rollup" with Eclipse.

What Does Polygon SVM Mean?

The Polygon SVM chain is another infrastructure tool in developers' toolbox. The customized rollup enables developers on Polygon to leverage this chain alongside other Polygon initiatives such as the zkEVM and Mina Protocol, thus expanding the choices for virtual machines, which is critical to the progress of blockchain adoption. 

Additionally, Eclipse’s optimistic (and eventually zero-knowledge) rollups enable projects to spin up their own unique app chains while using the security of pre-established networks, such as Polygon.

Eclipse Moving Forward

Eclipse is proud to be involved in this first-of-its-kind collaboration between the Solana and Polygon communities. Since our $15 million fundraise led by Polychain and Tribe Capital, the Eclipse team has developed a zero-knowledge Sealevel virtual machine proof-of-concept, launched private Ethereum Virtual Machine and Sealevel Virtual Machine chains, and has onboarded a select waitlist of 10 unique testnets deployed to Eclipse chains including Polygon SVM.

The Eclipse developer documentation describes the customizations that it supports. Hundreds of projects have expressed interest in deploying to Eclipse chains across DeFi, token incentivized physical infrastructure networks (TIPINs), and even web2 gaming.

The testnet for Polygon SVM is expected to release in late Q1 2023, with the mainnet launch following this summer. We look forward to expanding the customization options for developers.

To stay informed, you can join Eclipse’s Discord and Telegram communities, and follow us on Twitter. Learn more about the Polygon SVM chain on TechCrunch.