Eclipse lets you deploy

customizable rollups

powered by the

Solana virtual machine

What is the Solana virtual machine?

A piece of software that executes smart contracts and computes the state of the Eclipse (and Solana) network after each new block is added to the chain. The most popular virtual machine in crypto is the Ethereum virtual machine.

Eclipse gives you maximum control as a developer to build web2-scale applications with the power of web3.

What would you do with 100,000 TPS all to yourself?

Every second...
Push notifications  are sent.
3.4 million
Emails are sent.
Google searches are made.
The biggest gaming sites host hundreds of thousands of players
at once.
The best applications couldn’t be built in web3.
Until now.
Find out how.

Blockchains built for the future.

Superior speed, security, and customization for powerful apps.
Learn how it works
Enjoy unmatched customization

Picking a blockchain doesn’t have to be permanent. Try a chain, and if you don’t like it, try something else. Eclipse’s cutting-edge blockchain architecture splits your blockchain into “modules” where you can mix and match for your needs.

Command your chain

Control who’s allowed to run nodes on your network. Democratize NFT drops so bots don't have an unfair advantage. Collect arbitrage opportunities and return them to your community. With Eclipse, you can structure your blockchain to your desires.

The highest dedicated throughput

Blockchains typically split their throughput across all their applications. This means you have to share your TPS with others making your apps slower.

With Eclipse, you get your own chain with the fastest engine around: the Solana Virtual Machine. Unlock new possibilities with our infrastructure.

Borrow security from top chains

We’ve partnered with major blockchain players like Celestia, Solana, EigenLayer, Polygon and more. Opt for decentralized storage solutions or manage the blockchain data yourself.